Alaska Halibut Fishing Charters
2 Halibut Limit!

Alaska Halibut Fishing and Alaska Salmon Fishing Charters out of Homer, Anchor Point, and Deep Creek, Alaska.

Experience Alaska Fishing and Sight Seeing on the Same Trip!

Why pay double to go on a sightseeing trip and then again for an Alaska fishing charter when you can do both on a single trip with us! On our Alaska fishing charters you will not only experience world-class Alaska halibut fishing, rockfish fishing and salmon fishing, but you will also see and experience some of Alaska’s most stunning sights and marine life.

Our Alaska halibut fishing charters operate daily and begin in Homer, Anchor Point, or Deep Creek Alaska. Our experienced and knowledgeable captains will take you into the pristine waters of Cook Inlet onto some of the most productive fishing grounds in Alaska capable of producing halibut up to 400lbs.

We also offer Alaska salmon fishing charters and Rockfish charters in combination with our Alaska halibut fishing charters. Our multiple species, or “Combo Trips” are longer-range trips into the outer Kenai Peninsula Coast where you’ll catch Ling Cod, 5 species of Rockfish, Alaska halibut, and see parts of Alaska’s wilderness that very few people ever get to see.

On your Alaska halibut fishing or salmon fishing charter you will be in the shadow of Mt. Augustine and Mt. Illiamna, two volcanoes that make up the "the ring of fire". You will be treated to spectacular scenery and an abundance of marine life such as Orcas, Humpback whales, sea otters, puffins, and various other sea life. Catch-A-Lot Charters will promise a trip of a lifetime.

Homer Halibut Fishing – Alaska Halibut Fishing at it’s Best!